In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the imams and the Mahdis, and grant them a lot of peace.

The First Monologue: “  The Monologues of the Repentant”

God Bustny sins dress my affliction, and Gellny spacing you dress Mskinte, and Lamas great heart the offenses, Vahih repentance from you, O my hope and Bgiti Loya Sala and Mnetti, Fu glory, what I find for my sins except you Gafra, I do not see the fractional others Gabra, has _khasat acting thee, and anoth Balacetkanh you have, The Trdtna of Babak Whereunto Aloz, and Rddtna for Jnabk Whereunto I seek, Fuwa woe of Khgelta and exhibitionist, twisted to Hvah bad practical Ajtrahi, I ask you, O Forgiver of the great guilt, and what Jaber bone Elixir, blowing me mortal sins Torts, and cover up the Fadhat Aserair, nor You will free me in the scene of the Resurrection from the coldness of Your pardon, and Your forgiveness, and do not strip me of the coldness of Your forgiveness and will cover You under my shadow.Alarmist mercy, and sent on my faults Sahab Rovtk God Is because the runaway slave, but to his master, or do you Igirh from his wrath one else, my God that was remorse for guilt repentance Fannie and glory regretful, and that it was asking for forgiveness from sin Hetta I you pray for forgiveness, you subthreshold until you are satisfied, my God, your ability to, type Ali Bhelmk meant, feel disgusted about me and Baalmk me, I add my God, you who opened your slaves Pope to forgiveness detoxified repentance, «I said, repent to Allah with sincere repentance», what excuse is omitted to enter the door after opening it, my God that It was the ugliness of the sin of Your servant, so let it be good to pardon from You, O God, I do not repent from Your disobedience, so I will be punished, so I will punish you.Therefore, O respondent distressed, O detector, Aldhar Oh great righteousness, O Knower, including the secret, my beautiful Jackets, A_i_ft Your goodness and generosity thee, and I begged Bjnabk and Trahmk, you, hear propaganda and not be disappointed in you hope, and accept my repentance and Kafr sin Bmenk and mercy, O Most Merciful .

Second: “Conversing with the Complainants”

My God to thee Lashko breath as bad as the emirate, and to sin initiative, and Bmasik fond of, and your wrath repaired yet, to walk my paths peril, and make me have lesser Hulk, many ills, long hope, that the touch of evil crazing, and touching goodness prevent, inclined to play and fun-filled Baghafflh and omissions , go p me to Alihubh and Tsuffine repentance, my God complain to you an enemy Adilna, and the devil Aguiney, have Mulla waswaas my chest, and took his concerns in my heart, Iedd me fancy, and adorns me the world of love and prevents me from obedience and sycophantic, my God to thee Lashko heart tough with obsessive-volatile, And by eye and by nature in confusion, and eyes from crying out of your fear frozen, and toWhat pleased aspirant, my God is not about me, not only the power of your ability, do not escape me from the world nuisances only Basmtk, Vosolk eloquent wisdom and entry into force of Mhitak, that does not make me non you are Mtardha, nor Tserni strife purpose, and take me on Nassara enemies, on Almkhaza defects Satara And from affliction, as a shield, and from sin, abstaining from your mercy and mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

The third: “Conversing with the fearful.”

God Turks after faith in your torment, or after my love thee Tbadena, or with the hope of mercy and Cefg Tahramni, or with Astjarta Bavuk leave me, God forbid face holy to Tejebna, I wish my hair Allhqa bore me my mother, or to bother Rptne, Fletha did Tldni did not Terpna, Whitney learned the security of the people of happiness made me and near you and your neighborhood _khasstna, lacks so my eyes and rest assured him myself, my God, do you prevail and faces fell down prostrate to your greatness, or shut up year uttered praise for glory and Your Majesty, or printed on the hearts involving love, or deaf Asmaa Tlzzt hearing Mentions in your will, or Shackle the hands raised by hopes to you, hoping for your kindness, or you will be punished for your deeds.Btaatk so slim in Mujahdtk, or tormented Argela sought in worship, God does not close the Mouhdik doors of mercy, not obscure Msteqak for looking at a beautiful vision, my God the same Aazzatha Ptouhiedk how Tzlha humiliated Hjerank, and the conscience held on Modtk how to burn him warmly Nernek, my God Ajerna from a painful anger and great wrath, O tenderness, O Mannan, O merciful, O Rahman, O mighty O Kahar, O Ghafar O Star, save me mercy from the torment of the fire and the scandal of shame, if RPR good guys from the bad guys, and prevented cases and Hult terrors, and near Improvers after Abusers, and Lovett Every soul is what it has earned, and they will not be wronged.

Fourth: “The Conversation with the Hopeful”

Hey, if asked Abdul gave him, and if the hope of what he has reached denounced it, and if you accept the closeness and below, and if Jahrh disobedience cover on his tail and covered him, and if you trust in him I think he and suffice, my God who came down your seeking Aqrak what his village, and who Onach oriental music video Mrtgia Ndak what primacy, Aihassan to go back from your door disappointed expense and I do not know except you sire charity-characterized, how I hope others the whole hand and goodness, and how Aaml except you and the creation and it's you, Oaqta hope you have Olitni unless you ask them please or Tvqrna to like me and I staged a sit-Bhablk, O Whoever is destined to be pleased with his mercy, and does not suffer with his vengeance, those who seek forgiveness, how can they forget you and notStill mnemonic, and how pneu about you and you are observers, my God tail Carmack Aalguet my hand, and Neil gifts be simplified my hope, Fajlsna Boukhalsh Touhiedk, and make me one of the elite of your servants, O of each fugitive to him recourse, and every student him plausible, O good Marjo Loya Akram invited, Loya do not respond liquid does not disappoint hope, O door is open to the preacher, and usherette upped to Ragia, I ask you Bakrmk to wish Ali Attaik as recognized by my eyes, and hope fully including rest assured by myself, and certainty as playing down by the minimum Museibat, and evacuated him for Beserta Gshawat Blindness, by your mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

Fifth: “Conversing with the Desires”

God, that was less Zadie in the march to you has a good I think, by means of tawakkul you, though a criminal has made me afraid of Akopetk, the hope has been wonderful to be instated security of Nqmtk, though sin has bidden me for your punishment has Aznna good confidence Butwabk, and Anamtna negligence ready to meet you have alerted me knowledge Bakrmk and Alaik, and Aouhh what you and me excessive disobedience and tyranny has Ansena tidings of forgiveness and Radwan, ask you Besbhat your face and Panwar holy, and pray to you the emotions of mercy and Ta'if pools that check I think what Aamlh of very much Akramk, and beautiful Anaamk in kin from you and sycophantic you have and enjoy the view of thee, behold I am exposed to your soul's breathThe Attvk and Resort Ghaith you are and kindness, Far from the wrath to your satisfaction, a fugitive from you to you, Raj the best of what you have, pick on your talents, lacking to your care, my God began doing please Vtmmh, and endowed me of generosity do not rob him, and his jacket on the Bhelmk not Thtkh, and taught him from an ugly real Vagfarh, my God A_i_ft back to you, and Astjert your from you, Otik Taamaa in kindness, willing Amtnank, Mstskie volley height, Mstmtara alarmist please, asking Marzatk, meaning Jnabk, contained the law Rphik, seeking Sunni goods from With you, coming to the presence of your beauty, wanting your face, knocking on your door, submitting to your greatness and majesty, do what they do for me.You do to me what I deserve of torment and vengeance by Your mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

Sixth: “Conversations with the Thankful”

God amazed me for the establishment of thank you follow up your height, and Aadzna for census Tnaik overflow Please, Chglny mention Mhamedk synonymous with your customs, and Aiana publication of Awarvk succession hands, this shrine confessed to Bspog Alname and met her impeachment, and saw himself careless and Altadhaaa, and you are Merciful righteousness Karim, which does not disappoint Qasidih not be expelled for his demise Amelih, Bassaank derogatory Rahal Alrajen, and Barstk stands hopes Almstrphian, do not correspond to our hopes Baltkhieb and perimenopausal, and Talpsna garment despondency and Alablass, my God Tsagr when growing Alaik thanks and waned in the side Akramk me, binary my publication, Gelltinay graces of lights Faith is lawful, and you have struck me with blessings of glory.Klla, and Qldtna Manank necklaces are not solved, and Toguetna collars are not dregs Valaak great weakness of my tongue for counting, and many Namaak Palace Fahmi about as well as apprehensive about its investigation, how can I collect thanks and thanks EAAC lacks thanks, the more I told you praise must therefore tell you praise, my God. As Gvetna Blotfk and Arpetna Besnek we Swabg Vtmm graces and pay us nuisances curses, and give us the chances of the Hereafter lift and created sooner than later, and you praise good Blaik and Spog Namaik praise agrees satisfaction, great pools and Ndak, oh great, my mercy cream and Imitry O Most merciful.

Seventh: “Conversation with the Obedient to God”

God inspired obedience, and spared us Masitk, pleased us to attain what we hope in order Rdwank, and Ahllna affluence Jnank, and Aakeca for Besairna Sahab distrust, and reveal all our hearts diaphragms Almería veil, and has cost the falsehood of our conscience, and proved the right to Srairna, the doubts and suspicions of Oaqah sedition, and unpleasant to disturb Almnaih and Almanan, God Ahmlna in the power of ships and comfort through Blziv Mnajatk and've included the honor of your love, and Azguena sweetness WWDC and closeness, and make our jihad in you, and our main concern in obedience, and I save our intentions in the transaction, I am you and you is not a way for us to thee, but thou, my God, make me of queuing the good, and join me with the righteous, the righteous, those who precede meThose who hasten to good things, who do the rest of the good, who strive for high ranks, for you are mighty over all things, and Most Merciful of things.

Eighth: “Conversation with the devotees”

Glory is narrower roads than were not Dalila, and explained the right when from his present path, my God play it us ways to reach you, and siRNA in the nearest roads delegations you, near us distant and easy for us extremely difficult, and doing a disservice Babadk who are Balbdar Here are quick, and your door on always knock, and beware of the night and day worship, the illusion of Heptk awe, who applauded their stripes and their language raghaa'ib, and Anjeht their demands, and I spent them please Almarb, and filled them with their consciences of your love, and Roethm of net Sharbak, Wolfpack to delicious Mnajatk arrived, and you maximum They have attained their aims, so he who is upon those who will come to him will come.And countersigned them a preferred return, and Balgavelin for said Rahim Rauf Bjzbhm to his door and Dodd matey, I ask you to make me from Aovarham you luck, and the most senior you have a house, and Adzlhm of WWDC section, and the best in your knowledge share, it was cut off to you Hemmati, and I turned towards you desire, you are not others Moradi, and you not only you monthly and Shadi, and meeting your apple of my eye, and Ouselk me myself, here Shawki, and in love and Lehigh, and to the breeze Sbapti, and satisfaction Bgiti, and see my needs and your neighborhood my order, and close you very Sala, and in Mnajatk spiritual and palms, and you have a medicine Alte heal Galateis, And He cooled my affliction, and revealed my affliction, so be comforted in my loneliness, and removed my stumbling block, and forgave my trespasses, and accepted my repentance, and supported me.Guardian of my inviolability, and the one who enriches my need, and do not cut me off from you, and do not keep me away from you, oh my paradise and my heaven, my world and my two mercys.

The Ninth: “The Soliloquy of Loved Ones”

God Who tasted the sweetness of your love Fram you instead, and who Lance near you Fabngy you Hula, my God Vadjalna who Astvih to close you and your state, and Akhlsth to WWDC and love, and Hawkth to meet you, and Rdath Bakdhaik, and granted in view of your face, Habute your consent, and Aazth of forsaking and Qlak , and Booth honesty seat in your neighborhood, and allocated to meet you, and enabled him to worship, and Himit his heart to your will, and Ajetbith for watching, and evacuated his face to you, empty his heart for your love and desire as you have, and inspired him Mentions, and Aozaath thank you, and she held Btaatk, and Asirth of Salehi Bratk, and chose to Mnajatk, cut from him everything cuts off from you, O GodMake us who have perseverance satisfaction to you and nostalgia, and Dharham Alzfrh and alanine, their foreheads prostrate to your greatness, and their eyes watchful in your service, and their tears liquid from Khchitk and hearts related to your love and hearts Mnkhalah of Mhapetk, O Anwar holy to catching his fans serene and rosaries his face to the hearts Aarfait interesting, O Mona hearts Almsteqan, oh very disappointing lovers, I ask you love and love someone who loves you and love every action brings me to close you, and make you love to what except you, and make my love thee a leader to Rdwank, and Shawki thee Maida for disobeying, and Amanan given you on, and see eye friendliness and kindness to me, and do not turn your face away from me, and make meHappiness and favor with you, O Mujib, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

Tenth: “The Conversation with the Beggars”

God is not my way to you, but emotions Rovtk, nor me an excuse to you, but Awarv mercy and the intercession of the prophet, the prophet of mercy, and the savior of the nation of sorrow, Vajolhma me a reason to gain forgiveness, and Asirhma me a link to win Brdwank, has resolved my hope campus Carmack, Ouht Tmaa YARD you are, have won you my hope and conclude my work well and make me one of Cefotk who Ahllthm affluent paradise, and Boothm Dar dignity, and I approved their eyes given to you day to meet you, and Oortthm houses honesty in your neighborhood, you who do not are coming arrivals Akram of it, and can not find Alqasdon mercy on him, O the best of those alone with whom one is alone, and O the most merciful to whom the fugitive is sheltered, to the vastness of your forgiveness I stretched out my hand, and with foodYour generosity I attached my hand to, so do not afflict me with deprivation, and do not afflict me with disappointment and loss, O Hearer of supplication, O Most Merciful One.

Eleventh: “Conversing with the Needy”

God Fractional not force him, but for your kindness and Hanank, and rachis to Aagneh only Attvk and kindness, and Rootai not Eskinhaamanc, and Zlta not Aazzaa only your authority, and my wish is not Abulgneha but please, Khalta not plugged only your height, and I need not spend someone else, and crappy only thy Afaragh, and Dhara do not reveal It is Rovtk, and Galateis not Iberdha only put you in touch, and Ootai not Atefaha only for meeting your, and Shawki thee not moistening them only to look at your face, and resolutions do not approve without Dnoa you, and Hvta do not attribute it only your soul, and Sagma do not heal him, but Tabk, and GMI does not remove him, but close you, and my wound Only your pardon will heal him, and my heart will be vindicated only by your pardon, and my chest is obsessed with nothing but slander and remorse.Questioners, O maximum students students, and what the highest desire of wishing, O Crown righteous, O Aman fearful, O Mujibur call who are forced, Loya Thukhur destitute, Loya unfortunates treasure, O Ghyath distress, O judge Hawwaij the poor and needy, O kindest, O Most Merciful , you Tkhaddaa my question, here's my supplication and invocatory, I ask you to Tnellne of the spirit Rdwank, and perpetuate yes Amtnank, and here I am the door of Carmack standing, and hints Mtard pools, and Bhablk severe Moatasem, and Barotk inextricable adheres to, my God have mercy on your servant spaniel The tongue blunt little work, Amanan On him with your great height, and wrap him under your shady shade, O Generous, O Beautiful, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

Twelfth: “Conversing with the Knowers”

God failed Alson for attaining Tnaik as befits Bjellalk, and failed minds grasping but beauty, and receded vision without looking rosaries your face, and did not make to create a path to your knowledge, but the inability to know, my God Vadjalna who established trees longing to you in the gardens of their chests, and took the anguish love Bmjama their hearts, they nests ideas betaken, and Riad proximity and openness hanging about, and the honor-loving Cup fondling Akron, and Hraia Almsafat respond, has revealed the cover for their sight, and recedes darkness of uncertainty about their beliefs and conscience, and no longer exists Mkhaljh doubt about their hearts and Sraiarham, and Anscheran achieve knowledge their chests,And he raised the already happiness in Zhadh Hmmanm, and tortured in a given transaction drinking, and merry in the Alans their secret, and security in the home of fear their flock, and was reassured by reference to the Lord of lords themselves, and realized by winning farmer and their lives, and keratosis, given the loved one of their sight, and settled to realize Alswl and Neil hoped their decision, and won in the lower sale of the Hereafter their trade, my God what tastier thoughts of inspiration Bzkirk hearts, and sweeter march to you delusions in the paths of the unseen, and my best taste of your love, and fresher drinking closeness, Vaazna of your package and your expulsion, and make us single out Aarvek, and the fittest slaves, and believe Taiaak Be sincere to Your servants, O Great, O Glorious, O Generous, OManial, with your mercy and grace, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

Thirteen: “Conversations with the Dhkkir”

God, nor should accept Amrak to Enzetk of the anniversary thee that in remembrance of you Bakdra not Bakdrick, and hoping to reach quantitative even Mark shop Tkadisk, and the greatest blessings we flow Mentions on our tongues, and your ear to us Bdaaik and Tensahec and praise You, my God Valhmna Mentions in the open and appropriate alpha and Allilualnhar , advertising and secrets, and in good times and bad, and Ansna mentioning hidden, and we used to work in fine, and the pursuit of patients, and Jazna balance of loyal, God your whirled hearts Allowalhh, and the knowledge gathered minds disparate, do not do hearts but Bzkrak, and do not live souls only when your vision, you pool in every place, and the God is at all times,Located at all times, and called all of the tongue, and holy in all Jinan, and forgiveness of all pleasure without remembrance, and all the rest without Ansk, and all without pleasure closeness, and all filled without obedience, my God, you said, and you say right to «O ye who believe! Remember God is male so much praise reel and evening »I said, and you say the right to« remember you »Vamratna Bzkirk, and promised to Tanna him to remind us of an honor for us and Tfajama and Iazama, and we Macrock also ordered us, Vangz us what you promised us, O Zakir who remember oh mercy Alrahamin.

Fourteen: “The protestors’ pleas.”

O Allah, O haven Allaiven, O forbid Aiven, Loya Manji perishing, O Asim unfortunates, O Rahm the poor, O respondent who are forced, and Aakins-poor, O Jaber Almenksrin, O shelter dropouts, Nasser Loya vulnerable, Loya endorser frightened, O succorer distress, oh Fort refugees can not Aaz Your glory Whereunto I seek, and not the tastiest of being able Whereunto Aloz, has Gatna sins to cling Boveal forgiveness, and Ahojtny sins to the opening du'aa doors Cefg and invited me to offend Alanachh YARD thy strength, and obliges me of fear of Nqmtk to stick Baroh Attvk, and the right of a sit-Bhablk not be forfeited, and it is not befitting of one who seeks refuge in Your honor to be betrayed or neglected, my GodThere Tkhalna protect you and Tarna of care, and Zdna for doom resources, I eyes and in Knevk and you, ask you Bahl thy angels and righteous Bratk make us protective saves us from Alhlkat, and avoided pests, and Tcunnina of Doaha Almuseibat, and we have come down from your knife And when you cheat with our faces with the lights of your love, and that you will live in a very rak'ah, and you will protect us in the cultivation of your deaf, with your mercy.

Fifteen: “Conversing with the ascetics.”

God Askintna Dara dug us dig under duress, and Alguetna hands Almnaya in the traps of treachery, here Nltjie of the machinations of Deceived, and your Natsam of Alagtarar motifs adornments, it lethal students, Destructive Halalha, stuffed pests, charged ravaged, my God Vzhdna them, and handed them Btoviqk and Asmtk, and remove us Jilbabs breach, and tulle get by good Kvaitk, and Laufer Mazidna of thy capacity, and the most beautiful our prayers a few talents, and instill in our hearts trees love, and to finish our lights knowledge and Azguena sweetness of forgiveness, and the thrill of forgiveness, and decide our eyes day to meet with you to see you, and come out of love of the world of our hearts, as you did to the righteous of your rank,And the righteous are from Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful, O Most Generous of the Most Generous.

And praise be to God alone